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UITS Chili Cook-Off


UITS chili cookout was a fantastic fun event coordinated by the E.A.T leadership team. Congratulations to the winners, first place Casey Herget, second place Ed Schevey and third place Loretta Marshal.  Our sincere thanks to all the enthusiastic participants and colleagues who prepared and brought chilly and food items for everyone. We are grateful to our judges; Dr. Greer, Dr. Baxter, Ms. Wanja, Asst. Chief Lorrie, and Gale Webster. A special thanks to Ray for his leadership efforts, encouragement and communicating everyone for the success of the event.

As always, the event was a project and we had Zane to manage successfully…thank you!


Grand Opening of TSYS Center for Cybersecurity

The new TSYS Center for Cyber security officially opened on Monday, October 30th, 2017 at at the CSU Center for Commerce and Technology. This development came as a result of a $5 million gift from TSYS to Columbus State University’s First Choice campaign in 2015. The new learning space was created as part of the initiative to promote cyber security careers, specifically financial services security.


2017 Rock Eagle Conference

The University System of Georgia Annual Computing Conference was held at Rock Eagle Center in Eatonton, Georgia on October 25-27, 2017. The Rock Eagle Conference is the leading technology conference for the University System of Georgia. Attendees shared their accomplishments, offered advice, and discussed upcoming technology trends. The conference included participant-set agendas, peer-to-peer discussions, interactive facilitation, and open conversations. Topics introduced included “Cyber security”, “Women in Technology”, and “IT Tools and Standards.” This year, there were over 500 attendees and 130 sessions!