Monthly Archives: January 2017

TAG Society Showcase Luau

16177656_10154233224206409_7718892658457319106_o-2On January 12th the TAG Student Chapter attended the 2nd largest event that TAG hosts. The Society Showcase is a trade show of all 34 societies that make up TAG. Students from Columbus State University were able to connect with board members and learn about the many events taking place in 2017.

The TAG Student Chapter also had opportunity the to meet with current TAG President and CEO Larry Williams. Students were able to mingle with TAGs Leadership Council and network with technology companies. Over 1,000 people attend the event annually. The TAG Student Chapter was delighted to kickoff 2017 with an event learning about the 34 different societies of TAG that are shaping the future of technology.

Meeting: CougarNet to MyCSU System Transition


The UITS department held a meeting on January 17, 2017 to reflect on the transitioning process from the CougarNet system to the new MyCSU system. Neil Tirado, Bryce Jackson, and Will Fowler were key developers of MyCSU who discussed the designing process. Along with the Enterprise Applications and Network Infrastructure Team, they discussed how interface and functionality groups met the needs of our large campus. However, some criticism arose from those who did not support the change and others who did not look forward to adapting to a new system. The team faced difficulty with agreeing on design and feature priorities. Overall, the benefits of this new system trumped the disadvantages. The new MyCSU system is flexible, organized, mobile-friendly, and minimizes user logins.

New eQuest Update

UITS has another exciting announcement ! We have recently upgraded our eQuest ticketing system that serves the needs of Faculty and Staff. We have been busy over the holiday break, moving the computer Help Desk, Repair Shop, and Computing Lab to our new location at the Schwob Library. We have also launched the MyCSU portal to replace CougarNet. We replaced the old system from BMC with a new and improved system from Easy Vista. We hope users will notice and appreciate the fact that it is easier than ever to enter your requests into eQuest now. Our team has worked tirelessly to keep everything running smoothly and we are committed to the seamless implementation of our new projects. UITS is dedicated to ensuring everyone at CSU has a positive and productive experience with all our new systems and we look forward to working together.