Monthly Archives: September 2016

CIO Conference, Apple Inc., Cupertino, CA

Mr. Abraham George with Mr. Scout (Left), National Manager for Systems Engineering after the Presentation at Cupertino, Apple Inc.
Mr. Abraham George with Mr. Scott (Left), National Manager for Systems Engineering after the Presentation at Cupertino, Apple Inc.

Mr. Abraham George, Vice President of Information Technology UITS, represented Columbus State University at the CIO Conference in Cupertino, CA, Apple Headquarters. It was an influential event and offered various solutions for higher education. The objective of the visit focussed on motivating the attendees to make better data-driven decisions to improve operations and enhance the overall community of the university. The event also focussed on how carefully designed technology initiatives can positively impact access and quality while reducing costs for students and the institution.

Mr. George was the only CIO from the state of Georgia to attend the event. Other attendees included CIO’s from Ohio State, University of Nebraska, Drexel University, University of Oklahoma, Case Western University, University of Notre Dame, University of Southern Connecticut, New York University, University of Michigan, and University of Alabama/Birmingham.

EasyVista- The New eQuest System of Columbus State University

After a year-long evaluation process and extensive collaboration with various departments across campus, Columbus State University recently purchased EasyVista, a service management ticketing system, to replace the current software platform of eQuest. The “new” eQuest system was selected for its simplified end user portal, ease of access, service app opportunities, and its overall user-friendly experience. The new eQuest system will be used to submit tickets to all major departments on campus including: University Support Services, Printing Services, Plant Operations, Transportation Services, and University Information and Technology Services. The tentative roll-out date is set for beginning of spring semester.