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Stanley Hall Upgrades!

Spring break 2016 was one busy time for our UITS staff! With a growing campus, it is necessary for our classrooms to be updated with the latest technology. During spring break, Stanley hall was upgraded with some new equipment for our professors and students. Upgrades included three new projectors with three new screens, a new instructor lectern, a touch screen to control all AV functions, a high definition document camera, two handheld audience microphones and more! A special shout out to James Chappel for coordinating this upgrade and making sure the entire process ran smoothly. We are excited to see what other upgrades our campus will have with the help of our student technology fees! Stay tuned!
More scaffolding in Stanley 203Stanley 203 Front three inputs



Behind the Scenes: Wireless Connection

Behind the Scenes: Wireless Connection


We know many of you have questions regarding the wireless here on campus, so your UITS Student Ambassadors did a little investigating. We were able to meet with the Interim Executive Director of Ops & Infrastructure, Casey Hergett. Casey shared his knowledge and was able to give us a few tips on how to obtain the best experience with CSU’s wireless connection.

Things to Know:

  • CSU’s wireless connection is device driven, not wireless driven. This means, your device searches and selects the connection. In doing so, you may experience lag and/or interruptions in your session.
  • It is important to always register new devices. You can do so by clicking here
  • CougarWaveOpen is not encrypted, but http sites are normally encrypted. Anyone can connect. As long as students are visiting safe sites, they have nothing to worry about.
  • CougarWaveSecure (CWS) is encrypted. Only CSU students can connect. Students signing into CWS should be redirected to a sign in page. Windows will not always allow students to do so, because it will not accept the certificate. However, most Android and Apple products do allow for the page to redirect.
  • There is no difference in the speed between CougarWaveOpen and CougarWaveSecure.
  • If you are experiencing ongoing issues with wireless, try making a list of what time you were experiencing issues, what you were doing at the time (browsing web, streaming videos, etc.), what area of campus you were having problems, and what device you were using at the time. These are all factors that can affect your experience with wireless.

If you have any questions, contact the HelpDesk at (706)507-8199.

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