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The Deadly Sins of Information Security

Effective information security is based on more that just maintaining the proper technologies. It’s also a matter a making sure that employees, students, and staff are fully aware of the threats that face them on a daily basis.

According to the research, based on more than 300 security breaches worldwide, an overwhelming 87 percent of businesses that had been breached had not developed specific security policies, including security awareness education programs. Coincidentally, today’s organizations report an average of 14.4 incidents per year of unintentional data loss due to accidents, mistakes and similar issues involving employees. Continue reading The Deadly Sins of Information Security

TechLight: Faculty/ Staff


This week in TechLight for Faculty we are promoting Speed Tech! UITS Speed Tech is a great resource for you to access. UITS allows you to explore the world of technology in a quick and easy session at a time convenient for you. UITS can come to your department meeting or a special meeting or even to your classroom to teach you about the technology you have access to every day. UITS works to increase your effectiveness and meet the need of diverse students by using “best in class” technology. Continue reading TechLight: Faculty/ Staff

Need software tutorials? Atomic Learning covers anything from Photoshop to Pinterest.

TechLight: Students

Atomic Learning 

This week in TechLight for Students we are promoting Atomic Learning! Atomic Learning is a fantastic resource for students of all majors and levels of study. Atomic Learning provides video tutorials on a vast variety of topics for use by students and educators. Have you ever wanted to make your own website? Atomic Learning provides tutorials on HTML, JQuery, DreamWeaver, CSS3, and more. Continue reading TechLight: Students

Let the wireless revolution begin!

CSU is about to deploy a brand-new wireless network to meet the demands of our faculty, staff and students.  In 2013, for the first time, there were more wireless devices on Earth than people!  Keeping up with the demand placed on wireless networks today is a huge challenge and can be hard to keep up with.  Even the most seasoned network administrators can be left scratching their heads when their wireless networks become overwhelmed.

So how does CSU plan to address these issues?  How can we build a wireless network that will meet today’s demand and also allow us to grow into the demands of tomorrow? Continue reading Let the wireless revolution begin!