New Array Installments

A new installation project is in session. Some of our IT faculty and staff are working to add a new Synergy 1200 Frame with 6 HPE 480 Gen 10 blades. HP sent installers to complete the installation while the IT faculty network in the Nimble storage array and the Core router. The installation requires that they install two new 30Amp phase 3 power lines to power the 3 AF522A PDU’s for the 6 power supplies. Next week, they will begin the migration of virtual machines from the old C7000 blade system. Go Team!

The 2017 Student Holiday Party

The UITS student workers and managers came together for a fun and festive UITS social on Thursday, December 7th, 2017. Students had a wonderful time, eating food, playing games, and sharing their experiences working this year. They also celebrated our recent graduates, Anne Jose and Nicole Coulter! Congratulate them when you see them around!

UITS Chili Cook-Off


UITS chili cookout was a fantastic fun event coordinated by the E.A.T leadership team. Congratulations to the winners, first place Casey Herget, second place Ed Schevey and third place Loretta Marshal.  Our sincere thanks to all the enthusiastic participants and colleagues who prepared and brought chilly and food items for everyone. We are grateful to our judges; Dr. Greer, Dr. Baxter, Ms. Wanja, Asst. Chief Lorrie, and Gale Webster. A special thanks to Ray for his leadership efforts, encouragement and communicating everyone for the success of the event.

As always, the event was a project and we had Zane to manage successfully…thank you!